Thursday, April 9, 2009

MaxisIT Datawarehousing Services

MaxisIT Data warehousing team has the capability of creating a repository of a client’s electronically stored data. MaxisIT team has good expertise in design of data warehouses for reporting and analysis purposes. As the organization grows it becomes vitally important to have a well equipped data ware house in place to ensure a safe storage of data and can be retrieved on requirement

MaxisIT is a complete data warehouse services provider with a robust and comprehensive service offerings listed in its portfolio. MaxisIT data ware housing comprises of methodologies, technologies and tools that allows for creation, usage, management and maintenance of the hardware and software used for the data warehouse and for the original data itself

MaxisIT Data warehousing Services basically consists of initially designing and modeling of a data warehouse, followed by the data migrations from other application. It also consists of Data warehouse management, analysis, and monitoring and performance management of the data warehouse.

Our Goal at MaxisIT Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Services Practice is to enable customers reduce decision making cycle and make faster competitive decision based on information generated from the real-time single source view of globally distributed and acquired data within the premises of regulatory compliance, security requirements and fact of data diversity.

MaxisIT Service Offerings for Data Warehousing Services are as follows:

  • Data warehouse design and modeling services
  • Data warehouse migration services
  • Data Management services
  • Analytical services
  • Performance services