Thursday, April 1, 2010

Datawarehousing and decision making

Earlier articles explored more in lines of data warehousing for various domains and needs of data warehousing at different levels of an enterprise. Lets see the evolving methodologies of data warehousing ensures the pharmaceutical enterprises for its research with an effective decision making.

Any research and development activity in a pharmaceutical enterprise involves a particular type of information and makes optimum utilization of the available data and keeps an insight into a huge set of decision making scenarios along its path.

A clinical data repository seems to be continuously updated with relational data warehouse that facilitates its users with direct access to detailed, flexible, and rapid related views of clinical, administrative and financial patient data in times of changes in the planned processes and addition of new requirements and application modules.

Having Data warehousing into implementation ,drug research process can be improvised and results can be obtained in a short span with the integration of the different data marts from various sources . It further helps in the successful research of the drug for the pharma enterprises.

By analyzing the processes and data marts from the Research and Development of a drug in a pharmaceutical case study , the key types of information sources that have been utilized either internally or externally can make major decision-making .

A classification can be obtained within the information systems of the data warehousing and further levels can be determined for decision making. Lets find more information in these lines from our research desk in a later article.

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