Monday, May 3, 2010

Datawarehousing in relation to data marts

Earlier articles of Data Warehousing ended up with an insight into the importance of data warehousing in the present market and its effective services as per the market demand. It evolved as a key player in various domains say for example pharmaceutical industries.

From the very basic overview of data warehousing, it gives an understanding that data warehousing is similar to a database or a data store in which the data from various sources of the enterprise is collected and organized in an efficient pattern so as to make the data available for further analysis and reporting systems.

In general a data warehouse is a subject-oriented, structured and time-variant solicitation of data that is processed for the support of an enterprises management's decisions, within which a data mart is a collection of data for a related group or for a particular department.

Lets further proceed in this discussion towards the importance of data marts and its effective utilization in a data warehouse where Data marts when merged with each other or even if integrated with one another in an enterprise Data Warehousing, supports in a wider reach of corporate data.

A competent based model of a data mart or a shared service of a data mart helps in maximum installations that makes the administration of the Data Warehouse components easy. Designing a data mart according to a defined strategy helps it in meeting an immediate need.

When managed as a repository of collected data from various sources and departments, a Data mart can be designed further to knowledge transfer the available data to the resources of an enterprise on a need basis.

Emphasizing the data mart makes it in a way so as to meet particular needs of specific group of knowledge users in key situations like analyzing, presenting and manage the data content with ease. Lets explore more on data mart and its consolidation in the next article.

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