Sunday, February 7, 2010

Data Warehousing in today’s Environment

The present state or future requirements of any organization revolve among many aspects in which data is the key centric factor to be focused as the primary concept. Qualitative and quantified data is the mainstay for any organization.

Data is expected as such it is consistent, not missed at any stage or department so that it helps in proper plan of actions to make decisions. Consider situations where in cases of imbalances or a delay, data quality in lines of its maintenance may lead to improper decisions or result in a drawback of misshaped over a competitive edge.

Creating a data warehouse , in which these situations can be handled, helps in identifying the quest for best information regarding customers behavior, the value of information management which in turn gives more insight into business and its customers.

In general, a data warehouse that is built is based on the organization's policies , rules, procedures and requirements helps in its success .

Based on the demand, data warehousing focus to undertake large-scale data analytics, as per requirement on timely basis and at affordable price. Data warehouses an be run as managed services in scenarios when there is no betterment purchasing a managed service for BI needs and small scale organizations who cant afford their own data warehouses.

There might be scenarios in which a situation demands an organization in providing an on-demand service, taken into consideration that Data warehousing as a service solves several issues common within the data analytics industry. This topic shall be more explored by our panel of experts in the coming discussion. We invite your valuable comment to give an active orientation for this discussion.

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