Monday, February 15, 2010

Datawarehousing for Clinical Domain

The evolving technology of data warehousing provides the organizations of existing market with an effective decision support. A research in a pharmaceutical industry is involved with a specific type of information dependent supply chain , which in turn makes use of the maximum available data and keeps an insight into a huge set of decision making scenarios in its way.

Effective decision making can be achieved when having Datawarehousing in place , with which drug development process can be improvised and results can be obtained in a short span. Integrating the related information sources also helps in the successful implementation of Datawarehousing. In addition data access is provided for managers and administrators.

A clinical data repository seems to be continuously updated with relational data warehouse that facilitates its users with direct access to detailed, flexible, and rapid related views of clinical, administrative and financial patient data.

Datawarehousing adds some of the key benefits in a pharmaceutical domain like it helps in faster regulatory approval in times of changes in the planned processes and addition of new requirements and application modules.
Faster technology transfer is ensured in Datawarehousing that reduces the time to revenue and reach the demand in time within planned schedule , once it is commenced. In addition it reduces inventory costs from raw materials. Best results can be obtained from regulatory inspections. Beyond the role of Datawarehousing in a pharmaceutical domain and its advantages , it supports the research and helps in the education field of academic medicals.

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